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ZincShield® - 6.0" Wide  Zinc Strip, 1-Roll of 50 feet

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New Product... We have had many requests for a residential grade, wide version of ZincShield® from homeowners, roofers, builders and contractors.  To meet these needs, we are introducing a 6.0" wide, standard grade offering. 

Suggested uses for 6.0" ZincShield®:
1. Large roofs such as on churches and commercial buildings where the distance to be protected exceeds 30-feet below the point of installation.  Normally the 6.0" (H/D), commercial grade, strips would be recommended for such applications.
2. Residential roofs when it is desired to install the ZincShield® by "wrapping" the zinc strip over the ridge rather than installing ZincShield® 2.5" or 3.5" ZincShield® on both sides of the ridge.  Also for cases where the distance to be protected exceeds 30-feet below the point of installation (like A-Frames
) or where moss and/or lichen are major problems.

For new roof applications including reroofing an existing roof, the 6.0" ZincShield® is installed with approx. 1" under the ridge vent, ridge cap or first row of shingles using regular roofing nails so that the nail heads are not exposed.  For existing roof applications, install using either ZincShield® Nails or GSP-95® Adhesive.
When "wrapping" the 6.0" ZincShield® over the ridge, install using either ZincShield® Nails or GSP-95® Adhesive to secure the zinc strip to the ridge.

Be sure to Add Adhesive or Nails to your order for Correct Installation  

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