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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does LiquidZinc® work to keep stains off my roof?

LiquidZinc® is a color-free, zinc-ion rich, concentrated formula that coats the roof. These zinc-ions keep your roof clean.

When used in tandem with ZincShield®, LiquidZinc® provides an initial dose of zinc-ions until the ZincShield® can release an adequate supply of ions to the roof area below.


Can LiquidZinc® be applied after ZincShield® is installed?

Yes. LiquidZinc® is formulated to be compatible with ZincShield® so LiquidZinc® can be applied before or after ZincShield® is installed.

However, caution should be taken with most roof cleaning chemicals as they can cause discoloration of ZincShield®.


How do I Determine the Size of my Roof?

For the purpose of applying LiquidZinc® it is only necessary to know approximate roof size (not exact as would be required for a re-roofing project).

Start with the approximate heated square foot size of your home – plus non-heated roofed areas. If your home is two-stories, divide the square footage by 2 (i.e., only one roof for both floors). Multiply by 1.3 (1.5 for very steep roofs) and that gives a rough estimate of the roof size. If parts of your home are one-story (e.g., a garage) and other parts are two-stories, estimate each part separately and add the results.

For example: for a single-story house with 50 feet by 30 feet outside dimensions, heated square footage would be 50 X 30 = 1,500. Approx. roof size would be 1.3 X 1,500 = 1,950 sq. ft. Another example: for a two-story house with 50 by 30 outside dimensions, heated square footage would be 50 X 30 X 2 stories = 3,000. Approx. roof size would be 1.3 X 3,000/2 = 1,950 sq. ft. Add a single story 20 X 20 garage for an additional 20 X 20 = 400 sq. ft. Roof size of the garage would be approx. 1.3 x 400 = 520 sq. ft. Total roof size for this example would then be 1,950 + 520 = 2,470 sq. ft.

One gallon of LiquidZinc®, when diluted as directed, will treat approximately 5000 square feet of roof – enough for 2 applications on an average size roof of 2000 square feet.


What Type of Sprayer is Best for Applying LiquidZinc®?

LiquidZinc® is formulated for application with an ordinary, garden pump-sprayer. Since application is normally done from a ladder at the roof eave, a backpack type sprayer is recommended. This type of sprayer provides several advantages over the handheld type. Most important, it is safer since it frees a hand to hold the ladder. Pumping is easier since a pumping lever is located at the side (some units allow switching the lever based on right or left hand use) so tank pressurization is accomplished by using only one hand – again a safety consideration. Also, backpack sprayers normally provide higher operating pressures making it easier to spray to the top of the roof from the eave. These sprayers are normally available at home and garden supply stores as well as hardware stores.

Do not stand on the roof – it can become slippery when wet!

When is the Best Time to Spray my Roof?

It is best to spray in the late afternoon when the roof is cooling down. A cool roof prevents premature evaporation of LiquidZinc®. The temperature should not be below freezing when you apply LiquidZinc® or for 2-3 days prior to application. The roof should be dry so that LiquidZinc® will coat the roof better. It is best that it not rain for at least 24 hours after application. Don't spray when it is windy since too much product will end up in places other than the roof.


How Often Should my Roof be Treated with LiquidZinc®?

That depends on whether you have also installed ZincShield® on your roof. If ZincShield® is installed, then apply LiquidZinc® at the same time. LiquidZinc® will keep the roof clean from then on and additional applications of LiquidZinc® will normally not be required.

If ZincShield® is not installed, then just like other preventative maintenance measures taken around the home and yard (e.g., application of pre-emergent crab grass killer and other herbicides, insecticides, etc.), LiquidZinc® should be used on a scheduled basis to keep your roof stain free. This preventative maintenance will protect your roof from the damage caused by stains.

Is Special Product Pricing Offered to Contractors?

We do offer discounts to roofing contractors, roofing supply houses, hardware stores and companies that provide cleaning and related services to homeowners and businesses. If interested, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific business needs. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your business license, state resale certificate or Federal ID Number.


Is LiquidZinc® Manufactured in the USA?

YES!  ALL of our products are manufactured in the USA.  This includes LiquidZinc®, ZincShield® and our Easy Moss Scraper®.  Our nails and adhesive are also manufactured in the USA.

We also make every effort to buy only American made supplies for use in our business.

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