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LiquidZinc® Application

Recommended Type of Sprayer
LiquidZinc® is formulated for application with an ordinary, garden pump-sprayer. Since application is normally done from a ladder at the roof eave, a backpack type sprayer is recommended. This type of sprayer provides several advantages over the handheld type. Most important, it is safer since it frees a hand to hold the ladder. Pumping is easier since a pumping lever is located at the side (some units allow switching the lever based on right or left hand use) so tank pressurization is accomplished by using only one hand – again a safety consideration. Also, backpack sprayers normally provide higher operating pressures making it easier to spray to the top of the roof from the eave. These sprayers are normally available at home and garden supply stores as well as hardware stores.

An extension wand is also a handy accessory when applying LiquidZinc® as it allows easier application of product to the higher parts of the roof. Also, with an extension wand, more roof area can be sprayed from each ladder location minimizing the number of times the ladder must be moved thereby reducing the overall job time.



General Procedures
  • Roof should be clean before application of LiquidZinc®.
  • Shake container of LiquidZinc® well before using.

  • Do not spray when it is windy.

  • Apply when roof is dry.

  • Avoid heat of the day – late afternoon is best.

  • Do NOT rinse roof after application. For best results, do not apply product if rain is expected within 24 hours.

  • Do not apply when the temperature is below freezing.

  • Wet surrounding plants using garden hose before & after application of product to roof.


Mixing Instructions
  • Apply using a standard garden pump sprayer.
  • Correct dilution ratio is 8-parts water mixed with 1-part LiquidZinc®(8:1).

  • For each gallon of diluted mixture, add 1-tablespoon of household liquid dishwashing detergent.

  • Stir well but don’t shake (avoid creating foam).

Example - fill sprayer tank with 2-gallons of water then add 1-quart (1/4-gallon) of LiquidZinc®. Add 2-tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent.


Application Instructions – Clean Roofs/ Preventative Maintenance
  • Spray roof from bottom to top.
  • Do not spray bottom 2-3 rows of shingles -rain will spread product down to this area.

  • Apply spray heavier on top 4-5 rows of shingles.

  • For best results, apply LiquidZinc® every 12 to 18 months before stains begin to show up (but immediately at the first hint of any stains in order to avoid having to clean the roof).


  • Coverage should be approximately 750 square feet of roofing per 1-gallon of diluted mixture.
  • One gallon of LiquidZinc® diluted 8:1 will treat approximately 5,000-6,000 square feet of roof (enough for 2 applications on an average size roof of 2,000 sq. ft.).

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